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Welcome to Silk Road Mandarin

Welcome to Silk Road Mandarin. By showing interest in our site you have already taken the first step in learning an ancient language which is now changing the face of how business, trade, economics and education is conducted... worldwide. From Australasia and the Pacific Islands through Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan, Mandarin has become a language in very high demand. The staggering amount of students studying this language is not surprising if we take into consideration the rapid advances that the Chinese people have made in the trade, infrastructure, communication and power industries all over Africa.

South Africa is no exception and with strengthening ties between both countries' governments, the time to acquire this language is now!


We offer courses ranging from early childhood education to general business language and ethics. By offering the full HSK syllabus, students will also be prepared to go and study at top universities all over China on a full scholarship.

If you are a motivated individual, an international company or a school of any kind, let us consult with you and show you how learning Mandarin will open doors for you and change your life.